M&A Origination

Thanks to a privileged access to various market stakeholders (targets and buyers) as well as to our experience in the sector, Partenaire Pologne is able to identify high-growth potential Polish companies that best match your external growth.

The first step of an acquisition project (majority or minority shareholding) in Poland remains to identify companies that will fit your development project. With our business experience in the area and our professionalism, Partenaire Pologne allows you to optimize the origination phase and identify targets that may be subject to a future acquisition.

The screening process can include:

  • strategic agenda-setting of your project in Poland and definition of the selection criterion of the targets
  • research and analysis of these targets, their market as well as competition and business trends
  • direct and confidential approach of the targets you are interested in with on-site visits
  • Management of negotiations and choice of the final target according to a detailed pre-diagnosis of the company (which may include a financial analysis and a business plan modelling) 

The beneficial positioning of Partenaire Pologne on the SMEs market allows our customers to be sure that their company has the required credibility on the local market among potential sellers.