Founding of a subsidiary

When expanding in Poland, we assist you during the entire business set-up process. 

During the first step of the creation of your subsidiary in Poland, we advise you on the legal form to choose and then provide you with support during the whole practical business set-up process. These steps include the signature of the Statuses before an attorney to the registration with the Central Office for Statistics to obtain a fiscal identification number (NIP). We will also advise you on the opening of a banking account and the registration with the labour inspectorate and the Social Security Agency (ZUS) or even concerning EU VAT. We can also provide you support for searching premises and finding a French-speaking accounting firm.

We also provide our clients with a domiciliation service. This service allows you to keep a professional presence in Poland, without the fees that come with renting an office. Domiciliation is also a practical solution while your subsidiary is being created here – you will have an address, thanks to which you will be able to establish your newly born firm’s legal status, and exchange with the Polish Civil service.