M&A Execution

Business acquisition is one of the major strategic decisions that a CEO can make. Appointed on your behalf, Partenaire Pologne and its partners are able to assist you in proceeding to balance sheet operations, from pre-acquisition recommendation until the positive completion of your transaction.

Partenaire Pologne and its partners work together on every acquisition process meeting with the customer’s needs. We also advise you on the key points that may be addressed in order to thoroughly prepare your acquisition transaction.

The main aspects of our approach include (among others):

  • A target approach with preliminary talks about the basic terms of a prospective transaction,
  • A meticulous analysis aiming to determine the strategy, price and conditions of the sale, including a data room and due diligence of the target company,
  • Backing in the potential fundraising which may be required to finalize the acquisition,
  • Backing and strategic consulting throughout the process until the closing of the deal,
  • Monitoring the post-acquisition process and of the agreements concerning the protection of the buyer's interests.

The same logic is applied to any merger procedure between two companies or any joint-venture creation scheme. If necessary, Partenaire Pologne also works closely with lawyers in order to handle the legal aspects of the negotiations, as well as with external financial experts for all matters related to financial modelling.